Dubai Residents Can Now Suggest Names For Roads! Here’s How

Name a street, leave a legacy with Dubai’s new road naming platform.

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Residents Can Now Suggest Names For Roads! Here’s How

Dubai Municipality has rolled out an exciting new platform that invites the public to propose names for new roads and streets in Dubai. This initiative aims to deepen community involvement while celebrating the rich tapestry of Dubai’s heritage, history, and cultural diversity.

Get Creative, But Keep It Classy

Before you start dreaming of a street named after yourself or your beloved pet, there are a few ground rules. Your suggested name should honour Dubai’s identity, reflecting its history, heritage, values, and social richness. This ensures that each name tells a story of the city’s vibrant past and promising future.

Dubai Road Naming Committee: The Gatekeepers Of Tradition

The Dubai Road Naming Committee oversees this initiative, aiming to boost community participation in a meaningful way. According to the Dubai Media Office, names must fit specific classifications. These include names linked to Arabic and Islamic design and architecture, art, culture, and Arabic poetic prosody.

Celebrate Nature And Heritage

Your proposals can also pay tribute to Dubai’s natural beauty. Think local plants, trees, flowers, marine and wild plants, and even wild and marine birds. Names related to environmental sustainability, such as those referencing ships, marine tools, fishing, winds, and rain, are also welcome.

Additionally, names of squares, forts, ancient castles, archaeological sites, local jewellery, and even horse and Arabian camel names and descriptions can be cut. This broad array of options ensures that everyone can find a piece of Dubai’s heritage to celebrate.

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A New Chapter In Al-Khawaneej

The committee has already begun its work, recently naming roads in Al-Khawaneej. These names draw inspiration from local flora, with streets now proudly bearing names like Ghaf Street, Sidr, Reehan, Faghi, Samer, and Shareesh. Each name beautifies the streetscape and serves as a living reminder of Dubai’s natural heritage.

This road naming platform offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors alike to leave a lasting mark on the city. By suggesting names that reflect Dubai’s rich cultural mosaic, you can contribute to a project that enhances the city’s identity and fosters a deeper sense of community.

So, gather your creative juices and start brainstorming names that celebrate the spirit of Dubai. Who knows? The next time you navigate the city, you can drive down a street named after your brilliant suggestion. Dubai’s roads await your touch of genius!

Cover Image Courtesy: Dubai Municipality/ Instagram

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