Is It An Earthquake? People In Dubai Media City Left Confused After Feeling Tremors!

Dubai Media City
by Anupriya Mishra

Let’s be honest, it can be quite scary to feel the ground shaking during an event of an earthquake. While some are just little tremors that feel like the ground is vibrating, other times earthquakes can be quite devastating. This is evident from the destruction left behind on the Turkey-Syrian border, recently. And it so happens that some people in Dubai Media City were left wondering today if what they felt was an earthquake or not. Here’s more about the earthquake-like tremors felt in the area.

Earthquake-Like Tremors Felt In Dubai Media City

Dubai Road

Pic credits: Wikimedia Commons

Around 10 AM, residents and office workers in the Dubai Media City area seem to have felt the ground shaking on Monday, July 10. In a news report by the National News, it was mentioned that several people took to their social media accounts to question, if what they felt was an earthquake or tremors resulting from the demolition happening at the Pearl. These tremors could have been attributed to the demolition happening at the Pearl, which seems to have mimicked defects of seismic activity. Since people were already aware of the ongoing demolition, they were left questioning whether what they felt was an earthquake or the result of the work happening in the area.

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Similar Tremors Felt Earlier In May

Dubai Media City Tremor

Pic credits: Canva

This confusion comes after people living in the nearby areas, such as JVC, The Greens, Dubai Marina, and Barsha Height felt tremors in May 2023. However, it was later found to be shaking, resulting from the demolition work happening nearby. In this work, unfinished buildings in the long, abandoned projects were being cleared. As it happens, there are plans to dramatically renovate the world area in this ongoing project. However, at this point, it should be noted that there is still no clarity about the fact whether the tremors felt were those resulting from seismic activity or demolition results. At this point, it should be noted that according to a report by Arabian Business, it was mentioned that some unconfirmed social media reports have suggested that these tremors could have resulted from a minor earthquake.

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