Dubai Residents Praise Each Other For Not Panic Hoarding Amidst Coronavirus

by Angel Merchant
Dubai Residents Praise Each Other For Not Panic Hoarding Amidst Coronavirus

Amidst COVID-19 outbreak, Curly Tales encourages you to stay indoors. We take you around the world from the comfort of your home. #SpreadPositivity #ArmchairTravel

People all over the world are raiding supermarkets, and hoarding months worth of food. You can find videos crowding social media, where people are fighting over basic household products. The United Arab Emirates is undeniably not one of them.

Citizens of the UAE, are priding themselves on their patience and bravery, during this tough time. Recently, an Afghan-American resident shared an image of a fully stocked supermarket in Dubai. He was found praising the calm and civilised behaviour of the UAE citizens. Other individuals in the country also took to social media to comment on the positivity of the country.

Many others have mentioned how crucial it is, to listen and obey the laws of the government at a pressing time like this. Some have also stated that they no longer go to stores. They simply make use of technology, and order online. To find out what are some of the best online shopping sites check out these Top 10 Online Shopping Sites In The UAE.

UAE citizens have been advised to strictly follow all precautionary measures set by them. The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHP), have stated all individuals must practice social distancing, to ensure the safety of citizens in the country. Many tweets praising the government, and the public’s responsive attitude towards them, have been seen all over. The MOHP is urging us to keep continuing the social distancing and safe shopping, until we are all out of the clear.

What Else?

In other news, Steve Harvey has praised Dubai publicly for its efforts in the prevention of the spread Covid 19. During his popular, The Steve Harvey Morning Show on Thursday, the comedian commended the swift measures the UAE  has taken to contain the virus. He mentioned how the UAE jumped on the matter right away, and even went to the extent of calling this country the safest place in the world against Corona. He admired the leadership of the UAE, and their efforts in keeping this beautiful place safe. The US presenter also declared that the United Arab Emirates has conducted more Corona Virus tests than any country in the world.