Dubai Shopping Festival Will Dazzle The Skies For 46-Days With Drone Show

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai Shopping Festival Will Dazzle The Skies For 46-Days With Drone Show

With an almost seven-week run from December 15 to January 29 this year, the Dubai Shopping Festival is expected to make a triumphant return. And guess what’s more exclusive it brings? A 46 days Drone show that will light up the Dubai skies. The DSF Drones Light Show and the Dubai Lights Exhibition are events that both visitors and locals may anticipate.

46-Day Long Drone Show

DSF Drones Light, the region’s lengthiest drone display, debuted on December 15 and would be held at two sites through January 29, 2023. The performance is a display of 3D drones that are coordinated to perform a distinctive routine to specially created music.

The Dubai Shopping Festival, which was inspired by the retail options offered by the DSF, and The Future of Dubai, which was influenced by the 2040 vision, will be the topics. Twice daily performances will take place at The Beach and Bluewaters between 7 p.m. and 10 p.m. The visual extravaganza will be accompanied by laser performances on December 23 34, January 13 14, and January 27 28.

Cover Image Courtesy: DSF 2020: Free-To-Attend Outdoor Markets You Must Not Miss

Dubai Shopping Festival Is Full Of Entertainment To Amuse Visitors

The free concerts use a flock of hundreds of drones that amuse people for almost five mins at a time with stunning lighting and narrative. For instance, the official DSF song by Rashed Al-Majed, Dubai Kawkab Aakhar, which translates as “Dubai is another planet,” served as the background music for the show Dubai, From the Past to the Present last year, which traced the transformation of the urban city.

The 28th DSF will also feature big-name performances, lunch specials, discounted hotel rates, wandering amusement, fireworks, and other family-friendly activities, as well as life-changing lotteries and prizes.

Get ready to immerse yourself in sky lighting drone show in Dubai this festive season.

Cover Image Courtesy: TWITTER/ Dubai Media Office