Dubai To Welcome World’s First ‘Raining Street’

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai To Welcome World’s First ‘Raining Street’

Tired of the Dubai heat? Well, here’s some respite. Dubai will soon have a new address where it will rain all through the year! Yes, you read that right! Kleindienst Group, the brain behind The Heart of Europe on Dubai World Islands is coming up with a new street where you can experience rain 365 days a year. The new project is under construction and aims to bring Europe to Dubai. Besides, the project is also open its first project- Portofino Hotel, located next to the ‘Raining Street’.

What’s It?

The Raining Street will be maintained at 27 degrees Celsius all year round, irrespective of the UAE weather. In addition, the level of rainfall will also be adjustable- ranging from mild drizzle to heavy downpour. Once the weather touches 27 degrees, there will be a heavy downpour of cold water only in this street in Dubai. So, residents can expect a “heavy rainfall” in the summer season. Talk about fanc-eh!

And if you’re wondering about how much water this would need, wait for it! The whole set up is made sustainable and will run on solar energy and will produce zero carbon emissions. Besides, micro-plastics will be banned in the venue, so guests can enjoy some breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf.

The concept is inspired by a 150-year-old architectural concept of Camillo Sitte, an Austrian architect, who proposed to build cities where everything was in walking distance.

So be prepared with an umbrella or a coat in case you plan a trip here once its open!

The Heart of Europe sprawl 4 kilometers and consists of seven islands and is planned to have 15 hotels and resorts in total, plus 4,000 holiday homes and a snow plaza. Besides, the new venue will also use sustainable landscaping that will be pesticide free, fungicide free and will only use recycled water. Lastly, only organic food will be served across the destination’s restaurants and cafes.

What Else?

Meanwhile, Sharjah has a similar set up where you can experience rain all through the year. The Sharjah Art Foundation has a rain room which is crafted by Random International. The concept was first launched in 2012 at the Curve, Barbican, London then in New York (2013), Shanghai (2015), and in Los Angeles (2015-2017).

The room is filled with motion sensors which lets you can see and feel the rain but you won’t get wet. The system uses 1200 litres of self- cleaning, recycled water. And you can enjoy all of this just for AED 25.