Dubai To Witness A Surge In Taxi Fare On New Year’s Eve; Could Cost You Upto AED20

Dubai Taxi Unveils Adjusted Fare Structure for Major Events

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai To Witness A Surge In Taxi Fare On New Year’s Eve; Could Cost You Upto AED20

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) is set to implement a new fare structure for taxi rides during major events, beginning with New Year’s Eve 2023. The revision involves an increase in the minimum fare, impacting specific locations and times. This move aims to manage high-demand periods, ensuring the availability and quality of taxi services while encouraging alternative modes of transportation.

Adjustments to Minimum Fare: What to Expect

The minimum fare for taxi rides, currently set at Dh12, will see an increase to Dh20 during major events. This adjustment applies to taxis booked through the DTC app, the Hala e-hailing service, or the smart kiosks strategically located at designated areas. These locations encompass iconic spots such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Dubai Festival City, Global Village, La Mer, City Walk, Bluewaters Island, and Al Seef.

Extended Coverage: Peak Hours And Street Hails

Cab In dubai
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Beyond app bookings, the new fare also extends to taxis hailed directly from the street or designated taxi stands at specified locations. Peak hours, varying according to the event but generally spanning from 6 pm to 2 am, will determine the application of the revised fare.

DTC’s Strategy: Meeting Demand & Ensuring Quality Service

Dubai Taxi
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DTC emphasizes that the decision to adjust the minimum fare is rooted in the goal of maintaining the availability and quality of taxi services during periods of heightened demand. In anticipation of increased requirements during major events, the corporation plans to deploy additional taxis and drivers. Coordination with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) and other stakeholders is also on the agenda. It ensures seamless traffic flow and overall customer satisfaction.

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Navigating The New Fare Structure With DTC

As Dubai Taxi Corporation introduces adjustments to its fare structure, passengers are advised to stay informed and plan accordingly. The emphasis is on alternative transportation modes during major events. It aligns with the broader goal of enhancing service efficiency and customer experience. For seamless journeys and reduced waiting times, it utilises the advanced booking options provided by DTC. Also, it remains the key takeaway for passengers during these high-demand periods.

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