Dubai’s First-Ever Glass Kayaking Offers A One-Of-A-Kind Experience Just At AED 150

by Deeplata Garde
Dubai’s First-Ever Glass Kayaking Offers A One-Of-A-Kind Experience Just At AED 150

Dubai’s beautiful beaches and lagoons are excellent for any water sport. Kayaking in Dubai is exciting water activity. It’s the simplest method to explore the Dubai coastline. Also, it doesn’t require any prior water-sport expertise. It will be an oh-so-pleasant experience to glide across the clear waters of Dubai. Along with the vistas of the glorious manmade islands and affluent resorts of Dubai.

Many hotels in Dubai, like the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah and others, hire kayaks for one, two, or more people. Open ‘sit-on-top’ kayaks are the most popular and are regarded as the greatest kayaking in Dubai. Helmets and wetsuits are also famous additions.

Kayak enthusiasts may also enrol in a group kayaking session to learn. Kayaking amid stunning mountain scenery or paddling past the iconic Atlantis hotel along Dubai Marina is both options. Single and double kayaks are available for these trips. These typically run for 2 hours and 30 minutes and include a brief stop on the beach.

Experience Kayaking Near La Mer For Affordable Prices

Kayaking is a fun activity. It provides you with a low-level perspective of the water and immerses you in the experience. Kayak is an excellent alternative for exploring the beach or taking in the scenery. This exciting water sport is now accessible at La Mer. A high-end Dubai destination where you can engage in outdoor activities, play, shop, and dine.

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Instructions You Need To Know For Kayaking

  1. Amid the Covid Situation, the booking needs to be 48hrs in advance.
  2. Carry a change of clothes
  3. The customer care team will contact you to confirm your preferred day and time.
  4. Carry original passport or ID for proof of identity.
  5. You must advise your instructor in case of phobia of water or are unable to swim 25 metres.
  6. Submit Details about any ongoing medications.
  7. Avoid alcohol ingestion before your diving experience.
  8. A Fine would levy in case of any damages incurred.
  9. In case of storms, rains or unsuitable conditions, chances of booking getting rescheduled are high.