Dubai’s Smash Room Launches ‘At-Home’ Kit- Smash Box

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Dubai’s Smash Room Launches ‘At-Home’ Kit- Smash Box

All public places in the UAE are closed, but that does not mean there’s no way to have some fun! Dubai’s favorite The Smash Room has a new way for you to release all the stress and tension. Smash Room has now launched an ‘at-home’ kit, which will be delivered at your doorstep. The ‘SmashBox’ is a much condensed version of the Smash Room, but is sure to give you the kick.

What’s In It?

The box comes with a detailed instruction of the experience, so you can have all the fun smashing, while playing it safe. The kit has a tool to let you vent your anger. Well, there’s also a protective mat to use on the floor, and a few other things that will ensure your surroundings are not damaged while you’re at it. Just ensure you stay away from kids, pets or any other breakables at home.

The box is priced at AED 99, plus a small delivery fee. Smash Room delivers across the UAE, so you can get it all out no matter where you stay. Orders can be placed on Instagram or by simply sending a WhatsApp message. As for the payment, you can opt to pay online or do a cash on delivery.

Lastly, Smash Room is known to recycle over 15,000 electronics per year. So, if you wish to contribute to the good deed, save smashed item and help them up their recycling game.