Durga Puja 2023: What Is The Significance Of The Sound Of Dhak And Of Dhunuchi Dance?

Sound Of Dhak And Dhunuchi Dance
by Ankita Mazumdar

Only Bengalis know how the beautiful beats of dhak cast a spell on them. It is like a trance and being a Bengali myself, can 100 % vouch for this magical spell. It is truly as if Maa Durga casts a spell through these upbeat dhak sounds. You will immediately start swaying when you hear dhak beats and we are sure of it. Are you aware of the significance of the sounds of dhak and dhunuchi dance during Durga Puja? Scroll to know more.

Divine Significance Of The Sound Of Dhak

The Sound Of Dhak And Dhunuchi Dance

Image Credits: Flickr

  • Dhak is a membranophone instrument made out of wood and commercial hide. The person beating the dhak in rhythm is called a dhaaki.
  • Playing the dhak is a great skill that requires patience and practice. The art of playing dhak is believed to be passed on through generations.
  • Dhak sounds are a symbolic gesture of welcoming Durga Maa and also convey the joy and happiness radiated throughout the whole festivities.
The Sound Of Dhak And Dhunuchi Dance

Image Credits: Flickr

  • It also celebrates the core idea of Durga Puja, which is the victory of good over evil.
  • Different rhythms of dhak are figurative of various festivities during Puja. It overall symbolises Maa Durga. That’s why you will easily be able to distinguish dhak sounds from dhol beats.
  • It is a sound of victory and is an integral part of Puja!

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Why Is Dhunuchi Dance Performed?

The Sound Of Dhak And Dhunuchi Dance

Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

  • Dhunuchi are earthen pots that hold slowly burning coconut husks and dhuno, an Indian frankincense. The Dhunuchi aroma is very intoxicating and you can’t get enough of it.
  • The burning of incense is considered holy and meant to purify the atmosphere and remove evil eyes.
  • Dhunuchi dance is a Bengali tradition that is dedicated to Maa as she is considered a part of one’s family. She is a literal MAA!
The Sound Of Dhak And Dhunuchi Dance

Image Credits: Canva

  • According to Hindu mythology, it is believed that Maa Durga did the Dhunuchi dance to channel divine energies within herself.
  • It is followed on Maha Navami as it is the last day of battle between Maa Durga and Mahishasura.
  • Earlier, men used to dance with Dhunuchi in their hands, foreheads, and mouths. Now, even women have hopped on the Dhunuchi dance.

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Eardrums are dying to hear the sounds of dhak as Durga Puja is incomplete without the beating of dhak. With the strong scent of incense sticks, dhunuchi smell, and beats of dhak the atmosphere becomes infectious!

Dugga Dugga!

Cover Image Credits: Raj Chakraborty Productions and Canva

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