E-bicycles Are Making The Last Mile Connectivity From Delhi Metro Stations To Destinations Faster And Pollution Free!

by Vidisha Khaitan
E-bicycles Are Making The Last Mile Connectivity From Delhi Metro Stations To Destinations Faster And Pollution Free!

Last mile connectivity in Delhi is a cause of great distress. Delhiites cover the city from one end to the either via the metro but, that one last mile from the metro station to their final destination is real enemy. We lose time looking for autos, money paying surge prices and peace haggling over rides. If you’re one of the hardworking city dwellers travelling to Gurgaon and Noida every day for your monthly salary, we bet you feel this pain. We are with you and so is the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC). A plan to introduce e-bicycles was introduced for improving last-mile connectivity. Popular south Delhi stations Malviya Nagar and Saket just got these amazing affordable and eco-friendly life savers! Watch out for Cold Mornings, Disrupted Flights & Hailstorm! This Is What Delhi Will Witness In The Coming Days.

What is it

E-bicycles have been hailed as the futuristic solution to Delhi’s transit woes. This has been made possible by a Gurgaon based e-scooter startup called Mobycy Zypp. These E-bicycles will add to the city’s existing fleet of e-rickshaws, e-bikes and bicycle stands. Delhi Metro has tied up with Mobycy Zypp and bike-sharing app Yulu to reduce traffic congestion and air pollution. We are hopeful this will combat loss of time and high fares too. All you have to do to get the benefits of carbon free commute is register on the Mobycy Zypp app. Up to 25 Delhi metro stations have E-bicycles and/or bike-sharing already. Check out how GoKruze Is Going To Make Your Work Commute A Lot Easier And Eco-Friendly In Mumbai.

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What’s more

Micro mobility startup Yulu is already running successfully in Mumbai. It has deployed 250 E-bikes in Delhi that can cover 60 km on a single charge at the maximum speed of 25kmph. They plan to run 25,000 E-bikes by the second half od 2020 in Delhi NCR. Tech giant Uber has also partnered with Delhi Metro to allow commuters to plan their metro rides and last mile connectivity on the company app itself. They launched bike share for ₹5 to help commuters cover the short distances between metro station to destination. These however are not electric.

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We are glad to see the shift to electric vehicles and carbon free state of mind. When will cabs and cars go electric too? We can’t wait for a city of the future where petrol is in the past. Kudos to Delhi Metro’s e-initiatives. E-bicycles are an exciting solution to multiple problems in the city. Next time you would rather walk then wait for an autowala, take the guilt free vehicles designed for last mile connectivity!

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