East Delhi Man Arrested For Pulling Chain Of Shatabdi Express

by Angel Srivastava
East Delhi Man Arrested For Pulling Chain Of Shatabdi Express

Food is an integral part of our lives. We all have an embarrassing memory associated with that has got us into some sort of trouble. Be it getting caught while having your lunch in the last seat during school, or sneaking a packet of chips from the college canteen. But have you ever been so hungry that you would go to the extend of pulling chain of an ongoing train to be able to finish your meal? Well, there’s someone who did it.

Image Credits: Trainman

What Is It?

On June 30th, Manish Arora, an east Delhi resident, travelling by New Delhi- Bhopal Shatabdi was arrested for pulling the train’s emergency chains at Mathura Junction as his mother had not finished her breakfast.

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Arora was travelling with his mother and three other relatives and had pulled the chain because his mother was still in the middle of her breakfast and wouldn’t have been able to make it to the platform on time.

What’s More?

While you might be laughing now, Manish Arora was arrested and booked under section 141 of the Railways Act (needlessly interfering with means of communication in a train). He was later released after being granted bail by the Railway Magistrate.

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Image Credits: Hindustan Times

32-year-old Arora confessed to having pulled the emergency chain to buy some time for his mother to finish her breakfast and was booked for unauthorised interference in the conduct of the Railways. However, Arora will have to appear before the railway magistrate when summoned and pay his penalty. He can be jailed for not paying the penalty.

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Well, here is a lesson to take from Mr Arora, that while food may be very important, it’s never above law!