Eat English Gol Gappe At Murli Chaat, Kanpur

by Mrunal Mahajan
Eat English Gol Gappe At Murli Chaat, Kanpur

Rahul owns a Murli Chaat store in Kanpur and he is a graduate who speaks fluent English!! How often have you heard graduates selling Pani Puri? He takes pride in selling Pani Puri and he absolutely loves what he does. This Chaat store was initially started by Rahul’s father and he is now successfully running the chaat corner. Pani Puri which is popularly known as Bataashe in Kanpur is probably the most beloved street food there. Who doesn’t like eating Pani Puri? It is one street food we cannot do without!

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Golpappe, Bataashe, Pani Puri, it has different names in different cities. And across cities, it remains our favorite.  We will take you to Kanpur to know more about this English Golgappe wala. At times we are stunned when a vendor talks to us in English. This is one of those moments.

Image Credits: Just Dial

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Rahul has managed to run this chaat store successfully and the fact that he loves what he does, that is making Pani puri sets him apart. Rahul serves a variety of delicacies like Gol Gappe, Dahi Bhalle, Dhania Aalo, and Masala Puri.

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He serves the very innovative and mouthwatering Dhaniya Aloo dish which is not seen everywhere (definitely not in Mumbai). Small potatoes are covered with a chutney which is a mixture of coriander, pudina, cumin powder and is topped with home-made masala which is a mixture of cumin powder, salt, and chili powder. Another specialty is Dahi Bhalle which is that they are the perfect amount of creamy and are very smooth!

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If you are in Kanpur, don’t forget to munch on one of these!

Address: Murli Batashe, 59/28, Birhana Rd, Naughara, General Ganj, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208001
Cost: Approx ₹20- 30 per item
Timings: 4:30-10 PM

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