Eclairs Chocolates Stuffed With Gold Paste Seized In Delhi Airport

by Sanmita A
Eclairs Chocolates Stuffed With Gold Paste Seized In Delhi Airport

In a surprising incident, a passenger travelling from Oman was arrested at the Delhi Airport. The Indian passenger smuggled gold paste into the country after stuffing them into eclairs toffees. We surely have to say a word of praise for this passenger’s effort to get the gold here. However, the customs officials seized the eclairs toffees at the Delhi airport, and a few have also been arrested. Read on to know more about what exactly happened.

Eclairs Filled With Gold Paste Seized At Delhi Airport

The customs officials seized the Eclairs toffees filled with chemical gold paste at the Delhi airport. As per multiple media reports, the undeclared gold included 355 gms of chemical gold paste. The entire amount was stuffed in the eclairs chocolates. There were about 18 eclairs toffees with the passenger. News reports also tell there have been multiple cases of passengers trying to smuggle in gold into the country. And previously too, customs officials have seized a huge amount of smuggled gold at the airport.

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Passengers Try To Smuggle In Gold While Returning From Sharjah

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The Delhi airport had another gold smuggling incident after the customs seized 7,000 grams of gold. The passengers were travelling to Delhi from Sharjah. This gold too was concealed and concealed in the form of a chemical paste. As per news reports, the gold paste was worth hundreds of dollars. The gold was being carried in handbags by the passengers who were trying to get in the undeclared gold.

The Delhi airport recently made an extension of the international to international transfer. This upgradation of the Delhi airport was done to make the travellers’ journeys a more hassle-free one.

Well, have you ever come across such innovative stories of getting undeclared gold into the country? Let us know in the comments.

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