Egypt Launches 5-Year Visa & 180 Countries Can Apply For It!

by Deeplata Garde
Egypt Launches 5-Year Visa & 180 Countries Can Apply For It!

Travellers are selecting to travel to the Middle East owing to numerous significant reasons. Be it the affordable flight rates or the easily available visa, a trip to the MENA region can be an easy one to plan. And to add the cherry on the cake, Egypt has announced a 5-year visa. Do you frequently visit the country? Then this news came like a blessing to you we guess?

Egypt Announces A 5-year Visa

Egypt 5-year visa
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Is business or any other reason making you take several trips to Egypt? Well, this multi-year visa for AED 15661 will come in handy. Along with a modification to the single-entry visa policy, the tourism minister also unveiled a brand-new visa. From the list of more than 180 nationalities, anyone can now enter Egypt for $25 with a single-entry visa. The list of nationalities has now been expanded to include Chinese and Indian citizens who desire to travel to the ancient kingdom. UAE nationals don’t need a visa to travel to Egypt for 90 days.

Turkish nationals can also enter Egyptian land through ports & airports. No age restriction is applied to these passport holders.

All Alegarian & Moroccan nationals can apply for an urgent entry visa when arriving as tourists in huge groups. Even Iranians are allowed to enter Egypt without the need for a visa.

Why the move though? Well according to certain sources, Egypt is targeting to welcome around 30 million tourists by the year 2028. And to obtain these digits in the provided span, the nation needs to outgrow its reach by 25% every year.

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Encouraging Local & Foreign Investors With Golden License

Egypt 5-year visa
Pic Creds: Minister Of Tourism and Antiquities’

The Golden License, which is a unified authorization for starting, running, and executing a project, is given to businesses by a cabinet decision. The intention is of enticing foreign and domestic financiers to speed up the launch of various development projects. Hossam Heiba, the head of GAFI, stated that the department(General Authority for Freezones and Investment) is now looking into the granting of 40 additional golden licences.

So if you decide to invest or migrate to Egypt we have mentioned the guide to help you out!

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