Eiffel Tower Proposal Gets Filmy: Man Dances To SRK’s Koi Mil Gaya From KKHH

by Shreya Ghosh
Eiffel Tower Proposal Gets Filmy: Man Dances To SRK’s Koi Mil Gaya From KKHH

Proposing to the love of our life is surely one of the most beautiful and memorable moments of our life. And people these days go beyond the extent to surprise their loved ones and propose to them to embark on the beautiful journey of marriage. And when it comes to a proposal destination, Paris always tops the charts. Recently a man arranged a filmy Eiffel Tower proposal in Paris and this is what Netizens are discussing now.

Man Dances To SRK’s Koi Mil Gaya For His Eiffel Tower Proposal

Photo credit- Pixabay/ Image for representation

A man arranged a perfectly romantic proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower and danced to impress the love of his life. With rose petals, candles, and a stunning red sign of ‘MARRY ME’, this man chose Bollywood for this special moment. He danced to the loved track Koi Mil Gaya from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. The Shah Rukh starrer song talks about love and the gushy and beautiful feelings of being in love. Even the woman also performed the hook step of this iconic Bollywood song. Needless to say, this guy has set the benchmark of proposal way higher.

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A Twitter user named Sachin Tandor shared the Eiffel Tower proposal clip on this social media platform and ever since then, it has started a lot of chatter and discussion. The video is gaining massive views and going viral with over 6.5 lakh views. Surprisingly, Twitterati has contrasting reactions to the proposal video. Sachin Tandon shared this video on Twitter captioning, ‘I don’t know who this gentleman is. I’m sure he means well. But no. JUST NO.’

Netizens Have Divided Reactions:

Many Twitter users feel like all these elements just to propose are cringe and over the top. Other Netizens are showering all their love on this lovely couple and are very happy to see both of them enjoying what they love and dancing together. Here are some very heart-warming and positive reactions from Twitterati.

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We absolutely love this loving gesture and the dreamy Eiffel Tower proposal. What about you?

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