Elon’s Chaat To Messi’s Mess, Zomato Posts AI-Generated Clips Of Famous People As Stall-Owners

by Tooba Shaikh
Elon’s Chaat To Messi’s Mess, Zomato Posts AI-Generated Clips Of Famous People As Stall-Owners

AI-Generated content has been all the rage recently. From reimagining famous people in all sorts of different situations to even reimagining famous places, AI artists have taken the Internet by storm with their weird, whacky, funny, and at times bizarre reimaginings. Zomato, too, isn’t immune to this trend, it seems. In a hilarious post, Zomato took to its Instagram handle and posted a short AI-generated clip of famous personalities as roadside stall owners.

Zomato Posts AI-Generated Clips Of Famous People


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This post ended up winning the hearts and tickling the ribs of many Netizens. The post started with a video of Elon Musk making Chaat. But it isn’t the actual Elon Musk. Though the resemblance is uncanny, one can easily make out that it is merely a likeness generated by AI.

You can even make out likenesses of samosas on Musk’s Tawa. The text on the video says ‘Musk Chaat Bhandaar.’

The video then shows ‘Messi’s Andhra Mess’ with a likeness of Messi doling out heaps of rice that looks like Biryani. Surely, if Messi ever has a change of heart and wants to pursue an alternate career, he always has running and Andhra-style mess as an option.

The final one is probably the funniest. It shows a likeness of Leonardo DiCaprio whipping up some tea. The best part? It is called ‘Oscar Chai Wala.’ Sounds like he runs a joint venture with our venerable prime minister.

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Netizens Show Their Superior Humour In The Comment Section

Zomato AI
Image Credits: @zomato/Instagram

Netizens love a good opportunity to crack jokes and this video provided them with ample of it. The comment section was a gold mine of jokes. Seeing Messi’s Andhra Mess, one commenter said “Ronaldo Rumali Hai Kya?” punning hilariously on the famous footballer’s name.

Another commenter, perhaps looking at Musk Chaat Bhandaar, recommended that there should also be a “Mark Zucker-Burger Stall.” Imagine these two businesses getting into an intense competition and fighting each other! One commenter even had an order for Elon’s Stall. He asked for a “Bun Musk-a!”

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What are some other celebrities that you think would make excellent roadside stall owners? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover Image Credits: @zomato/Instagram