This AI Generated Pizza Ad Is Going Viral, Here’s What Netizens Think About It

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
This AI Generated Pizza Ad Is Going Viral, Here’s What Netizens Think About It

Pizza is love! Period! I am sure many of you will agree with my earlier statement. I am never going to understand people who can easily resist pizza in their lives because I can’t. Even the advertisements for pizza can easily entice me to buy one, and I am sure I am not alone. Well, talking about pizza ads, an AI generated pizza ad is making the rounds on the internet. Did you check?

AI Generated Pizza Ad Goes Viral

You must have seen AI generated pictures of celebrities in their childhood, snow in Mumbai, and others. Well, its text-to-image ability has surely been tested well, and the results are immaculate. 

But this is the first time that AI has generated a pizza ad. This AI generated pizza ad was first shared on Reddit and then appeared on various social media sites. The ad has already gone viral on the internet and amazed netizens. 

The advertisement shows a cheesy pepperoni pizza and also features people taking a bite off it. They have made-up franchises and, lastly, a line to sum up the advertisement. 

The entire advertisement, from images to video to voiceover, is generated by AI and put together to create something epic. The video talks about a made-up franchise called Pepperoni Hug Spot.

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 Netizens Are Divided

The video was originally created by a Twitter user, @Pizza_Later, who posted it on her Twitter account. The person captioned this video as wasting three hours of their life into making this. All the AI generated images, videos, and voiceovers are assembled in After Effects. 

This ad has by far received 127.1K views and more than 800 likes on Twitter. The internet got divided over this video, as some people liked the video ad while others did not. 

Some of the netizens were amazed and loved the shots of the exterior of the restaurant. While many liked the tagline used in the advertisement. 

But there are other netizens who do not like this advertisement. They found the dialogue to be poor and called it a horror movie. 

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Cover Image Courtesy: Unsplash