Emirates Flies Nine Flower Charters For Valentine’s Day

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Emirates Flies Nine Flower Charters For Valentine’s Day

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Its the season of roses and thanks to Emirates’ Skycargo has launched nine special flower charters to carry fresh, farm-picked flowers! Time to thank these unsung heroes!

What’s It?

Its that time of the year when roses speak louder than words! So you are planning to gift your love a huge bouquet of roses this Valentine’s Day? That’s great, but have you ever wondered where you get those fresh flowers from?

Dubai freight fighters are the unsung heroes of the season, as they carefully handpick flowers from the farms of Kenya, Ecuador, and other producers across the globe. And that’s not all! In order to meet this requirement, Emirates SkyCargo flies nine exclusive flower charters across five continents. How ‘loving’ is that!

Credits: Pixabay.com
Credits: Pixabay.com

Emirates’ charters operates flights to Nairobi and Quito to pick flowers, which are then delivered to other destinations. In order to meet the increasing demand of the season, Emirates has launched nine freighter flights dedicated for flowers over. These will fly over and above the scheduled time. Each of the Boeing 777 flights can hold up to 100 tonnes of cargo- which means over 900 tonnes of roses are transported during this season, apart from the 4,000 tonnes that gets delivered ever month.

In order to keep the flowers fresh, the bouquets and boxes are maintained between 2- 5 degrees centigrade. The Emirates Skycargo has three special sections- Emirates Fresh, Emirates Fresh Active and Emirates Fresh Breathe for air-freighting perishables.

What Else?

In 2018, Emirates SkyCargo transported over 50,000 tonnes of flowers globally, with a majority originating from Kenya. The carrier also transports flowers to other markets in India, Thailand and Sri Lanka.

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