Emirates’ First Class Suite Awarded The Best In The World

by Dhruv Maniar
Emirates’ First Class Suite Awarded The Best In The World

Under 140 Characters 

Emirates got awarded the best first class in the world at the 2019 travellers choice award by TripAdvisor, one of the biggest travel and restaurant website company that shows hotel and restaurant reviews. 

What Is It?

Luxury is something we all love and Emirates has been known to provide all things luxury to its customers.

Recently, at the 2019 travellers choice awards conducted by famous travel portal TripAdvisor, Emirates was awarded the best first-class suite in the world. It’s no surprise to us, as the new game-changing first class lets you experience true luxury with your own private hotel room in the sky which also includes temperature controls and mood lighting.

With soft leather seating of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Emirates is also the first airline in the industry to introduce virtual windows in its first class. So no matter where you sit, you can open your window and enjoy the outed view with the help HD projections. 

Credits: Emirates Facebook

What Else?

Apart from the best first class award, Emirates have won serval more awards. It also won the Best Regional Business Class Middle East. It is also known to have one of the best inflight entertainment system ICE which lets you choose from up to 4,000 channels of movies, TV shows, music and games, on demand and in multiple languages.