Emirates Is Offering Vegan Menu With Lip-Smacking Options For Travellers

by Deeplata Garde
Emirates Is Offering Vegan Menu With Lip-Smacking Options For Travellers

Emirates has always been the epitome of class and luxury. Their clientele has always chosen the service due to its efficiency and comfort. Emirates recently started with its premium economy to provide luxury at an affordable price. And now it’s heading towards giving a facelift to the aircraft interiors to provide enhanced customer service. Around $2bn has been invested in this project.

Emirates Provides Enhanced Customer Service

Emirates is spending over $2 billion to upgrade the inflight traveller experience. This includes a significant effort to update the interiors of over 120 aircraft. A set of other service enhancements will also begin in all cabins in 2022. The newest measures from Emirates provide a vegan meal, a “movie in the sky” encounter, improved cabin interiors, and greener options. Emirates is going against the tide and spending to give our clients ever-better journeys, whereas others in the sector are cutting costs.


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What’s New?

Beginning this month, travellers can take advantage of Farm to Fork, Specialized Hospitality Training for Cabin Crew, and New Menus with Vegan Options. Featured foods like roasted duck breast with orange thyme jus, steamed broccolini, fondant potatoes, pan-fried salmon trout with moqueca sauce and creole rice. On September 1, the use of new menus will commence in the business and economy classes. Vegans and anyone seeking a nutritious plant-based supper can savour artisan gourmet meals like sliced kohlrabi with burnt orange decoration and pan-roasted king oyster mushrooms.

Enhanced Cabin Interiors in All Categories as part of the New Initiative. In order to ensure that the clients travel confidently and efficiently during the epidemic, Emirates proceeded to roll out additional services and initiatives. It included digital initiatives to boost customer journeys on the ground. They are now implementing several multiphase to elevate Emirates’ renowned in-flight experiences.

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