Emirates Launches Windowless Aircrafts! Can This Be The Future?

by Jui Nikita
Emirates Launches Windowless Aircrafts! Can This Be The Future?

Under 140 Characters

Emirates Airline has launched virtual windows on-board its new first class suite. Instead of being able to see directly outside, passengers view images projected in from outside the aircraft using fiber-optic cameras.

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What Is It?

Emirates President Tim Clark says it paves the way for removing all windows from future planes, making them lighter and faster. The virtual windows have been installed and now first class passengers flying with Emirates’ new Boeing 777-300ER can experience them.

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What’s In It?

Passengers would be able to see the outside world through projections from fiber-optic cameras that would be “better than with the natural eye” says Tim Clarke. The new modification is meant for passengers sitting in the middle aisle, and with it, they can still enjoy the outside views without having a real window.

Saj Ahmad, Chief Analyst at StrategicAero Research, points out the practical issues posed by a windowless airplane.
“Windowless airplanes would be great in an ideal world from an engineering standpoint, however, in reality, it won’t happen for a number of reasons.

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