Emirates Wishes Christmas In A Unique Way. Watch! 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Emirates Wishes Christmas In A Unique Way. Watch! 

Christmas will soon ring in our doors in just a few hours, and the celebrations have already begun. Christmas trees are ready, sweets have been made or brought, and houses are decorated. Amidst all this, Emirates decided to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. If you are thinking about what’s so unique about it, It’s their Christmas wish video; have a look at this cute video.

Emirates Wishes Everyone A Merry Christmas 

Christmas vibes are all across the world. Emirates decided to wish people in a unique way. They posted a video on its official Instagram page, which brought a smile to everyone’s face. The less than one-minute video features an Emirates aircraft sporting a red Santa’s hat. The aircraft is on its runway, preparing to take off.

The aircraft is carried on the runway by six reindeer. The reindeer run on the runway, pulling the aircraft, and slowly increase their pace. Gradually, they pull the aircraft into the air. The video simply took us back to our childhood days, when books had a picture of Santa being pulled into the air by his reindeer.


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Netizens Are Loving It

The cute video by Emirates has won many hearts, as people smiled over it and some also felt nostalgic. The video’s caption was also amusing, stating that Christmas Claus was requesting permission to take-off. The video, which was posted just a few hours ago, has already garnered more than 4 million likes and 7 million views.

People could not stop themselves from sharing this sweet video across social media platforms. Many people commented on the adorableness of the video. Some of them also praised the people who thought up the video. A person also wrote that whoever worked on this ad surely deserves a raise.

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