UAE Residents Flying To India Should Carry Their New Emirates ID To Avoid Delays At The Airport 

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
UAE Residents Flying To India Should Carry Their New Emirates ID To Avoid Delays At The Airport 

As you must already know, visa stamps on passports are no longer required for residents of the UAE. But if you are one of the UAE residents or are an Indian expat, make sure that you are carrying your new Emirates IDs. This will surely help you tackle delays at the airport. The news comes from some of the expats who recently flew back to their home in India. 

UAE Residents Should Carry New Emirates IDs

In April 2022, the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs, and Port Security issued a circular. The circular stated that the Emirates ID will now serve as proof of residency. The new version of Emirates ID now contains all the information that is required for visa stamping.

The immigration counters at various airports can easily read the information given on the ID. The absence of your Emirates ID can invite a lot of problems and delays at the airport. This is based on what the expats recently experienced at the airports as they failed to bring their original new Emirates IDs.

Emirates ID
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Many Expats Were Stopped At Various Airports

While travelling to their home town in India, many UAE residents and expats were stopped at the airports. They were stopped because they had no visa stamps on their passports. The people who shared their stories said that they had to show the officials the news of stamps not being necessary and also their original Emirates ID.

Only when they produced these documents were they allowed to go further. A person had to try hard to convince the officials that he was a resident visa holder, which was tough to do. The Emirates ID acts like a visa for their re-entry into the country.

Emirates ID
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