Emiratis, Now Just Your Face Can Help You Travel From Abu Dhabi Airport! Deet’s Inside!

by Deeplata Garde
Emiratis, Now Just Your Face Can Help You Travel From Abu Dhabi Airport! Deet’s Inside!

Dubai is known to be pacing in the aviation industry. But seems like Abu Dhabi is here to give a tough fight. Abu Dhabi Airport launched a new high-tech system that made air tickets and boarding passes a thing of the past. Want to know how they did that? Read below to find out!

Gen-Next Biometric At Abu Dhabi Airport

Here’s your chance to forget your passport, air tickets and more while travelling from Abu Dhabi airport. Just push your face in front of the scanner and get going through the airport aisles towards your destination. You will soon witness this cutting-edge technology at the self-service baggage touchpoints, immigration e-gates, and boarding gates at Abu Dhabi Airport. The authorities have announced that the implementation of similar services will be witnessed at all passenger touchpoints. This upcoming service will provide an enhanced user experience by establishing biometrics at all passenger touchpoints.

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Seamless Travel Experience Is A Close Reality With These Systems

Along with its international partners in artificial intelligence and technology solutions, IDEMIA and SITA, the Abu Dhabi-based tech business NEXT50 will unveil its cutting-edge AI solutions. When the project is finished, it will provide users with a hassle-free, frictionless, immaculate journey from the driveway to the gate. Passengers will experience shorter wait times and spend less time waiting.

With this most recent implementation, Smart Path has demonstrated its ability to create a seamless trip where a passenger’s face serves as their valid ticket from check-in to departure.

So don’t fret if you forget your tickets at home! Your face will get you through the check-ins at Abu Dhabi Airport with a seamless travel experience till your destination.

Cover Image Courtesy: AUHAirports/Wikipedia