Valet Services Resume At Abu Dhabi Airport

by Deeplata Garde
Valet Services Resume At Abu Dhabi Airport

After an ample amount of waiting span, Abu Dhabi airport has decided to resume its valet operations. If you drive your own vehicle to the airport, you can trust the valet parking service to store it safely for the time you specify. Drive to the curb beside Departures right in front of Terminals 1 and 3. The services have already started so you can enjoy the benefits.

No Bookings Needed

Just visit the airport and the staff will assist you with valet parking. Don’t fret about prior bookings because there ain’t such rules applied.

Many travellers, particularly those with special abilities and the elderly, would benefit from the introduction of the valet parking service. This will make it easier for them to enter the airport terminal. Additionally, it will make check-in desks accessible to business travellers quickly and conveniently. The convenience of short-term parking allows families or individuals going over the weekend to arrive without worrying about getting their bags from the car park to the gate.

Cost Of Valet Parking In Abu Dhabi Airport

The cost of valet parking is 75 AED for each hour. Each subsequent hour or fraction thereof costs 45 AED. For the daily pass, you would have to pay 250 AED.

As part of ongoing car parking enhancements and innovations at Abu Dhabi International Airport, this option is now available to visitors as valet parking. Customers who want to use the resumed premium parking service should follow the instructions at the parking reception. There, the concierge will greet you. He will assist you to make arrangements for the car to take to the parking zone.

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