Emirati Grandma Inspired The Department Of Municipality To Launch An Initiative In Her Honour

An Emirati grandmother's small step towards a cleaner UAE.

by Deeplata Garde
Emirati Grandma Inspired The Department Of Municipality To Launch An Initiative In Her Honour

No step is smaller when it’s taken to bring in a positive shift in society. Well, this grandma figure from UAE has proved this theory correct. An elderly woman from the Emirates, Um Saeed took the initiative to clean some parts of the city while the others were busy celebrating the Union Day festivities this year. Her positive actions and thoughts highly inspired the Municipality to start an initiative and now we have it named under her name, the Um Saeed Initiative. Let’s understand what falls under this newly launched initiative in UAE.

Who Is Um Saeed And What Was Her Initiative?

In a city buzzing with Union Day celebrations, Um Saeed, an elderly Emirati woman, stood out by taking a simple yet impactful step. While others revelled in festivities, Um Saeed, along with her grandsons, decided to clean up parts of Abu Dhabi. Little did she know that her small initiative would spark a larger movement.

How She Inspired the Department Of Municipality To Start Similar Initiatives?

Um Saeed’s humble actions caught the attention of the Department of Municipality in the UAE. Recognizing the significance of individual contributions to society, the department launched the Um Saeed Initiative, named in her honour. This initiative serves as a testament to the power of personal choices and actions, reminding citizens, residents, and visitors alike that every responsible decision matters. Um Saeed’s story teaches a valuable lesson about civic duty. It underscores the importance of actively participating in the upkeep of the city we call home. The initiative encourages responsible practices such as proper waste disposal and engagement in clean-up events. Through these collective efforts, Abu Dhabi can maintain its pristine beauty, highlighting how small steps can lead to significant positive changes.

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Taking Inspiration For A Better Future Of Our Society

Um Saeed’s influence extends beyond her acts of kindness, showing that anyone can make a difference in their community. As the Um Saeed Initiative takes root, it becomes a symbol of inspiration for others to follow suit. In a world where individual choices often seem insignificant, Um Saeed proves that even a small step can contribute to a cleaner and more vibrant UAE.

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Abu Dhabi

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