Ending The Mumbai V/s Bengaluru War, This X User Says Hyderabad Is The Best City To Live In & The Internet Is Divided

An X (formerly Twitter) user, after living in the city for a year, called Hyderabad underrated and even listed reasons for liking it.

by Tashika Tyagi
Ending The Mumbai V/s Bengaluru War, This X User Says Hyderabad Is The Best City To Live In & The Internet Is Divided

Which is the better city to live in – Mumbai or Bengaluru? Well, according to a recent post on X (formerly Twitter), the right answer is Hyderabad! An X user recently posted her opinion about how Hyderabad is an “underrated city” and deserves all the “hype”. She even listed a few pointers that, according to her, make Hyderabad a good city to live in. However, the Internet stands divided on this claim and has started a debate in her comments section.

X User Says She Prefers Hyderabad Over Mumbai & Bengaluru

Recently, @ShwetaKukreja_ took to X (formerly Twitter) to share her opinion about how she “would any day choose Hyderabad over Bengaluru and Mumbai.” She made this claim after living in the city for a year and she seemed quite impressed with it. According to her post, the city is “underrated” and needs to be hyped up like the rest of the metro cities in India.

She even shared a list of things she found impressive about Hyderabad. According to her, Hyderabad has less traffic and better roads as compared to Bengaluru and Mumbai. She further went on to praise the city’s greenery, aesthetics, and of course, food. Her post has since gone viral and people on the Internet stand divided on her views.

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Internet Stands Divided On Her Claim; Netizens Share Their Two Cents

Hyderabad over Bengaluru Mumbai
Image Courtesy: Canva

@ShwetaKukreja_’s post about Hyderabad being a better place to live than Bengaluru and Mumbai has gained thousands of likes and comments. However, the comments section is divided. While many people agreed with her, others presented the other side of this debate. Here are some comments you cannot miss.

Many rejected the claim and had their own opinion on this debate. Many of these netizens have stayed in these cities and given their honest opinions.

People on the internet had questions about Hyderabad’s safety, climate, and pollution levels as well.

Some people even warned her not to hype it or the city might suffer like Bengaluru.

That was one heated debate! What’s your hot take on this entire Hyderabad v/s Mumbai and Bengaluru debate? Let us know in the comments!

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia & X/@ShwetaKukreja_