Enjoy A Perfect Getaway At Luxury Banyan Tree Resort Just 3 Hours Away From Kolkata

luxury banyan resort
by Shreya Rathod 243

Breaking the monotony is necessary if you wish to have normal brain functioning. How to do that? Well, do anything you wish like cycling, going out for dinner or a getaway. And what better way to release the pressure than by spending your holiday at a luxurious beach resort? We have discovered a perfect getaway near Kolkata where you can enjoy the sunset and have a wonderful time. Take a look at Luxury Banyan Tree Resort.

Luxury Banyan Tree Resort Near Kolkata

A three-and-a-half-hour drive away from Kolkata, this place is located on the virgin Mandarmani beach. Looking over the Bay Of Bengal, this resort is a luxurious affair but at an affordable price. Moreover, they have a large cobalt blue swimming pool with a capacity of almost a thousand people.

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Stay In A Unique Setting

They have four types of room settings where you can have a comfortable stay. The first one is Tent Suits that are on the Seafront and offer a magnificent view of the Bay Of Bengal. Second is the Deluxe Tents that are accented with a beautiful lawn and swimming pool. Then there is the Suite Room or Royale Room. These are located on the top two floors of the resort and overlook the entire lawn area. The last are these Deluxe Rooms that offer a beautiful view of the seashore. Every room is equipped with luxurious amenities and offers gorgeous views of the surrounding.

Other Amenities To Look Forward To

Apart from comfortable stays, they have a multi-cuisine restaurant and serve authentic Bengali dishes. They also have a buffet service where you can have a hearty meal. If that isn’t enough, you can also enjoy a relaxing spa session at their spa salon and enjoy your getaway as it is meant to be enjoyed, by maxing the relaxing.

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So, ready for a weekend getaway?

Cover Image Courtesy: Luxury Banyan Tree Resort/ Instagram