Etihad Airways Launches A Luxe Amenities Kits In Partnership With Giorgio Armani; Here’s What’s Inside

Next time you fly with Etihad Airways, you can use the luxe collection of amenity kits and loungewear, created with Giorgio Armani & ESPA.

by Anupriya Mishra
Etihad Airways Launches A Luxe Amenities Kits In Partnership With Giorgio Armani; Here’s What’s Inside

Etihad Airways is known for providing a luxe experience for its guests. And now, it has launched a new luxurious collection of amenity kits in partnership with Giorgio Armani, which will be available in all cabins. The stunning new collection of amenity kits and loungewear has been created with the renowned Italian design house along with luxury wellbeing brand ESPA. Here is all about it!

Etihad Airways Partners With Giorgio Armani & ESPA

When you fly with Etihad Airways next, you might get to use the luxurious collection of amenity kits and loungewear that have been created with Giorgio Armani and ESPA. Moreover, it has also introduced a range of complimentary tote bags for guests that have longer flights in the economy. Bringing the elegance of Georgio Armani together with the comfort of flying with a heart, this renowned airline will deliver an unparalleled in-flight experience for guests. Yes, this will be for those flying in The Residence, First and Business Class. So, the guests flying in the Premium cabins will be offered amenity kits along with luxurious designer loungewear and slippers.

The Amenity Kits & Loungewear Are Worth Checking Out

At this point, it’s worth noting that the range will be rolled out on flights from the end of February. Talking about the kits, those available in Business Class will come in two unisex styles, a clutch back and a cube. The clutch bag features ‘The Dunes,’ which is a contemporary print design. As such, it draws inspiration from the rolling sands of the Liwa desert. And the iconic cube bag will feature a convenient geometric shape, which will make it easy to pack and organise trolley bags or suitcases.

After the flight, these bags can also be used for storing small tech products or personal items for convenience. In case you’re wondering, these travel kits are filled with ESPA skincare products like Hydrating Spa Face Mist, Nourishing Lip Treatment, and Rejuvenating Hand & Body Lotion. There are other convenient gifts, like slippers, eye shades, and earplugs in the travel kit.

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What Does It Include?

For those flying in the First Class and The Residence, will also be given exclusive treatment. They will be given a stylish and highly desirable Giorgio Armani and Etihad branded large folio bag. This is one of the largest amenity kits in the sky and is available in a slew of four colours. Perfect for postflight use for carrying documents, tablets, or coveted accessories, this folio bag is packed with goodies from ESPA. Yes, these include Hydrating Spa Face Mist, Nourishing Lip Treatment, Rest & Recovery Night Balm, Restful Pulse Point Oil, and Rejuvenating Hand & Body lotion.

In fact, travellers in the two classes will also be given loungewear and slippers, which have been presented in the large Georgia Armani folio bag. Made with luxurious fabrics, these modern silhouettes of the fashionable loungewear is perfect for relaxing onboard and catching up on some much-needed sleep.

Coming to the Economy Class, guests with more than six hours of flight time will be given a tote bag that would contain in-flight essentials. Yes, these would include gifts from Beekman hand cream, eyeshade and ear plugs. The branded tote bag would then be useful for carrying excess items and future shopping.

So, the next time you fly with Etihad Airways, you might just get to make use of all these exquisite amenity kits or tote bags.

Cover Image Courtesy: X/etihad

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