Etihad Resumes Inbound Flights To Abu Dhabi

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Etihad Resumes Inbound Flights To Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi’s Etihad Airways has started allowing inbound flights to bring back residents to the UAE. Until now, the airline had permitted only outbound flights. But this is the first time a list of bookable flights has been made public. The first inbound flight will be from London, and will allow UAE residents to return to the UAE.

Passengers who wish to book onto an inbound flight will require pre-approval via the UAE Twajudi Resident service. The form will need you to fill out details including the preferred date of travel. Those chosen to fly, will then be contacted and provided with a unique ICA approval number, which will be required when booking onto any of the flights. Residents should not try to book a flight before obtaining this number. All passengers must also hold a valid UAE residency visa.

In addition, upon arrival in Abu Dhabi passengers will need to undertake PCR and thermal testing, and will be required to self-isolate for 14 days.

Inbound Flight Schedule

Amsterdam (EY78): 13, 15, 20, 22, 27 and 29 May

Barcelona (EY50): 14, 17, 24 and 31 May

Frankfurt (EY8): 17, 24 and 31 May

Jakarta (EY475): 15 and 29 May

Kuala Lumpur (EY411): 23 and 30 May

London (EY20): 9, 13, 16, 20, 23, 27 and 30-May

Manila (EY423): 13, 15, 16, 20, 22, 23, 27, 29 and 30 May

Melbourne (EY463): 13, 20 and 27 May

Seoul (EY873): 22 and 29 May

Singapore (EY473): 20 and 27 May

Tokyo (EY871): 20 and 27 May

Toronto (EY140): 12 May

Etihad plans to gradually restart all of its passenger flights after June 16 as more restrictions lift globally.