Europe Lifts Mandatory Mask Requirement For Air Travel

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Europe Lifts Mandatory Mask Requirement For Air Travel

Many countries eased the restrictions that were imposed during Covid, including wearing the mask. The restrictions were eased so that travel could get back to normal. Joining the bandwagon is Europe as it will no longer require travellers to wear masks at the airport or the plane from next week as they ease down the coronavirus restrictions. 

Normalising Air Travel

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency and  European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control unanimously took this decision in order to normalise air travel for the passengers and the crew as well. The passengers should however behave responsibly and respect the choices of people around them. A passenger who is coughing or sneezing must voluntarily wear a mask. Also, “vulnerable passengers,” such as those who are susceptible to severe disease due to their immune system or ageing, who had to remain covered up on flights are now relieved. 

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Rule For Mask Might Vary

Andrea Ammon, Director of the European Centre for Disease Prevention stated that washing hands and social distancing should still be practised but imposing distancing requirements are not yet advised to the airport authorities. The rule of wearing a mask may differ from airline to airline which also depends on the place they are flying to or flying from. 

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