Ever Tried Chaat Sundae? You Need To Visit Amara, Voco Hotel In Dubai RN!

by Deeplata Garde
Ever Tried Chaat Sundae? You Need To Visit Amara, Voco Hotel In Dubai RN!

The world is filled with odd food combinations. The creativity of people to combine food in the weirdest ways never ends. But not necessarily all such combinations turn out to be bad. One such combination we recently discovered in Dubai was Chaat Sundae. Confused? So were we before we tried this dish at Aamara, Voco Hotel in Dubai. Let’s check out what’s the buzz around this dish.

Indian Chaat+Ice cream= Chaat Sundae!

Did you guess a dollop of vanilla or other flavour ice cream on some chaat? Then folks we hate to inform you that’s not how Aamara is offering the Chaat Sundae. It has a balance of healthy food with lots of Indian flavours. The dish might add zing to your life. Let’s break down the elements of this Chaat Sundae.

First goes some crispy papdis which is layered with fried spinach. A drizzle of chutneys for that zing factor! Then goes the star of the dish, Yoghurt ice cream. Finally, it’s sprinkled with some sev and that’s good to go.

You should definitely relish this dish on Amara’s menu before they take it off.

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What Else To Relish At Aamara?


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Aamara is a journey of culinary exploration that spans centuries and half of the globe over the historic network of trade networks now known as the Silk road. Simply enough, Aamara doesn’t provide food from a single menu. For those who enjoy food, they host chef’s tasting menus. The lunch menu, a la carte, and beverage menu come next. We have a tonne of options, right?

At Aamara, you will enjoy food that’s a combination of Arabic and Indian cuisine. Their menu offers a wide diversity of flavours through different cuisines. It’s very hard to resist these Instagrammable dishes and the interiors as well.

So are you looking forward to trying their Chaat Sundae and many other dishes?

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