Ex-Google MD Once Munched On Crispy Snack In Beijing Thinking It Was Kurkure; Turned Out To Be… 

Ex-Google MD Parminder Singh shared a hilarious anecdote involving a food mix-up in Beijing.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Ex-Google MD Once Munched On Crispy Snack In Beijing Thinking It Was Kurkure; Turned Out To Be… 

Ex-Google MD Parminder Singh’s X handle is quite popular amongst foodies. From tweeting about Peranakan cuisine to expressing his love for rusk, his posts are quite a food fiesta by themselves. This time, Parminder Singh shared a hilarious anecdote from his trip to Google’s Beijing office. There, the Ex-Google MD munched on a crispy snack which he thought was Kurkure. Read on to know what it really was!

Ex-Google MD Parminder Singh Ate Duck Tongues Assuming They Were Kurkures

In his post on X, Ex-Google MD Parminder Singh narrates an incident where he dined at the cafeteria at Google’s Beijing office. There, he spotted a large plate of what looked like fried ‘Kurkures’. Of course, we know how crispy, masala-filled Kurkure chips really are! So, it wasn’t a surprise that the Ex-Google MD just divided into the bowl of “Kurkures”.

As he helped himself to a generous portion, a colleague looked at him munching. And then exclaimed that she didn’t know he was a fan of this snack. To this, Parminder Singh shared that he grew up eating a similar snack in “Really?” she asked, surprised. She further asks him if duck tongues are common in India. That’s when it hit the Ex-Google MD that he had been relishing crispy duck tongues for all his time.

After this incident, whenever he sees a plate of Kurkures, he double-checks to make sure it’s not “Chinese tongue-di kabab”. He goes on to mention in the comments section that while he is happily adventurous with his food and has eaten everything from snakes to insects to duck tongues when he expects Kurkure, he wants Kurkure.

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X Users Share Their Hilarious Food Mix-Up Stories

His food mix-up post generated lots of chuckles on X. Many took to the comments section to share their opinions and similar food mix-up stories. Political analyst, Tehseen Poonawalla commented that he loves duck tongues and actually finds them to be yummy and addictive. Parminder Singh quipped that he didn’t mind them either. However, when he craves Kurkures, he doesn’t enjoy eating tongue di kebab.

@piyushpankaj remembers the moment when his vegetarian wife bought loads of prawn crackers mistaking them to be sabudana papad. @varungosai52403 recollects buying chips in Hangzhou assuming they were all made of potatoes like in India. But later, the X user realised that the chips were made of duck and octopus. 

Well folks, has such hilarious food mix-ups happened with you too which generated tongue-in-cheek responses?
Cover Image Courtesy: @parrysingh/ X and Canva
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