Exchange Plastic Bags For Eco-Friendly Bags At This Mall In UAE

by Jui Nikita
Exchange Plastic Bags For Eco-Friendly Bags At This Mall In UAE

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All you have to do is head to Yas Mall with your plastic bags and exchange it for eco-friendly bags.

What Is It?

Yas Mall is starting a ‘Rethink Plastic’ campaign which aims to increase awareness of the devastating impact of plastic pollution, the consequences of throwing away plastic bags  & the growing problem of unnecessary waste. To bring about a practical change in the habits of residents, Yas Mall is encouraging its visitors to exchange plastic bags for eco-friendly shopping bags from 12 – 15 September between 10 am to 10 pm and make a visible commitment to reduce plastic waste.

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What Else?

Yas Mall has partnered with the Emirates Wildlife Society, World Wildlife Fund and the Environment Agency, Abu Dhabi for this campaign.  Studies show that plastic bags only serve their purpose for an average of 30 minutes before they are thrown away. This leads to huge amounts of plastic waste ending up in nature every year. Plastic waste causes death to over 100,000 marine animals and 1 million marine birds every year.

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