Expatriates In The UAE Can Now Sponsor Children Up To 25 Years

by Ishita Agarwal
Expatriates In The UAE Can Now Sponsor Children Up To 25 Years

Some of the new and revised visa categories will take effect in September in the UAE. For example, foreign nationals living in the UAE may now sponsor their children for up to 25 years, as opposed to the previous limit of 18 years. Additionally, you may sponsor unmarried daughters of parents for an indefinite time, and you may sponsor children of determination for an indefinite period regardless of age. 

Who Will Get Benefit From These New Visa Updates in UAE

According to the recently revised laws, families benefit most from the new visa modifications since they will be able to remain longer in the UAE and become a more family-friendly nation. Male and female family members 18 and older must pass medical fitness exams in the UAE. A residency visa will not be issued to those who are medically unfit. After dependents enter the UAE with permission, the resident sponsor has 60 days to apply for their residence visa. 


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How Long The Visa Holders Can Sponsor Their Children

Below is the step by Step guide on how long visa holders may sponsor their children:

  • Holders of Golden Visas: The Golden Residence holder may sponsor spouses and children of any age. Additionally, it enables them to sponsor support services to employees without putting a cap on the number. Owners of Green Residences are also permitted to sponsor their first-degree relatives.
  • Green Visa and other categories: No upper age limit for unmarried daughters raises the age of children you may sponsor to 25. Regardless of age, children of resolve get a residency permit.
  • Specifications for sponsorship: According to u.ae, expatriate residents who are both employers and workers may sponsor their families to live in the UAE. However, they should have a valid residence permit or visa. 

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