Experience Kashmir Through The Banihal-Baramulla Railway

Gear up to see Kashmir like never before with the Banihal-Baramulla Railway line.


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What Is It?
Currently, under construction, the line is supposed to be operational from 2022. It will connect major Indian cities with Kashmir! Starting from Banihal, the 119 km Broad Gauge Rail Route will pass through India’s Largest Railway Tunnel that is 11.2 kms long.


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The journey will be filled with pristine sights of the Kashmiri meadows and valleys once you cross Qazigund. You will reach Srinagar from Banihal in about 2 hours max .

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What’s More?
Only INR 20 for your ticket to Srinagar from Banihal! And what’s more, the trains are super comfy with soft cushiony seats and large glass panels for windows so that you don’t miss out on Kashmir’s sublime beauty.


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We can’t wait to board this luxury train for such at such a cheap price. Can you?

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Madhusree Chatragadda
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