Explore The Journey Of UAE’s Rashid Rover On The Lunar Surface Through Augmented Reality On Your Smartphones

by Deeplata Garde
Explore The Journey Of UAE’s Rashid Rover On The Lunar Surface Through Augmented Reality On Your Smartphones

UAE has been thrilled post the launch of the First Arab long-duration space mission this February. Since then we have been receiving various updates from the journey of this mission. We recently at Curly Tales ME, had the opportunity to attend the long-distance space call that was made to Emirati Astronaut, Sultan Al Neyadi to understand the status. And now the Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Center informs us that we can catch a glimpse of the Lunar surface with the help of Augmented reality.

Explore The Lunar Surface With UAE’s Rashid Rover

You don’t have to be an astronaut or scientist to witness what’s happening on the moon now! With the help of Augmented reality, MBRSC has made that distant dream a reality for locals. Now, residents may experience augmented reality (AR) to observe how the UAE’s Rashid lunar rover will study the lunar surface.

Atlantic Productions and Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) have collaborated to create the free online experience “Rashid Rover: Moon Mission”. The creation of this initiative was in honour of the Emirates Lunar Mission, the first Arab lunar expedition. People of all ages are encouraged to become more curious about science, technology, and space through the engaging educational augmented reality experience. All you need is a smartphone, be it iPhone or Android, the experience will be accessible on both devices.

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What’s The Aim Behind This Initiative?

The sole aim of this initiative is to ignite curiosity among the residents of the UAE. It’s also about spreading awareness around the globe regarding space exploration. And this AR experience will help immerse yourself in that mission by sitting in the comfort of your home or other available space.

With the new function, users may control the Rashid Rover’s “super accurate” digital doppelganger as it travels across the lunar surface. A seamless Augmented Reality experience that is accessible through an internet browser is possible thanks to the optimisation of the extremely realistic 3D models of the Rover and the moon’s surface. Anyone can access the experience without downloading an app.

So if you enjoy discovering more about such space missions then we recommend you try this experience for sure.

Here’s the link to access the AR experience.

Cove Image Courtesy: Twitter/Sultan Al Neyadi