Sultan Al Neyadi Is All Set To Perform The First Arab Spacewalk This April! Details Inside

by Anupriya Mishra
Sultan Al Neyadi Is All Set To Perform The First Arab Spacewalk This April! Details Inside

Sultan Al Neyadi created waves and made history when he took off for space recently. This astronaut from the United Arab Emirates is currently living at the International Space Centre and he constantly shares updates and cool facts while living in zero gravity. And now, he is all set to make another history! Yes, he will become the first Arab astronaut to spacewalk this April! Here is everything you need to know about this momentous occasion!

Sultan Al Neyadi To Become The First Arab to SpaceWalk

Sultan Al Neyadi hardly needs any introduction! An inspiration to many people out there, this astronaut from the UAE will be undertaking a spacewalk on April 28. According to, with this achievement, the United Arab Emirates will become the 10th country in the world for undertaking spacewalk missions outside the International Space Centre. As it happens, the Crown Prince of Dubai, Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum also tweeted about this upcoming moment.

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The Fifth Spacewalk At ISS This Year!

Pic credits: Flickr/NASA Johnson

In case you are wondering, this is the fifth spacewalk this year. Sultan Al Neyadi along with the NASA astronaut Stephen Bowen will be performing several basic tasks during the spacewalk. Not to mention, they are expected to be outside the vehicle for about six and a half hours, which will allow the two astronauts to know more about the space environment while also working on the maintenance of the International Space Centre.

Moreover, the astronauts aboard will also be performing several preparatory tasks to install solar panels. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Well, did you know that spacewalks are also known as an Extra Vehicular Activity? Yes, these are an essential part of maintaining and developing the International Space Centre. Not to mention, astronauts, who are chosen for the spacewalk, have to undergo a rigorous selection process on the basis of their experience, ability to adapt to difficult environments, and skills.

So, go ahead and tag your fellow Emirati and let them know about this proud news and stay tuned to the space for more updates!

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/Astro_Alneyadi