Expo 2020 Dubai Has A Good Place Pavilion Where Ordinary People Make Extraordinary Innovations

by Shrestha Purkayastha
by Shrestha Purkayastha 483

Quite often, we come across innovations where ordinary people do extraordinary things. Fittingly addressed as ‘The Good Place’, the pavilion captures stories that promisingly restores one’s faith in humanity. It displays unmissable innovations that can make a difference in countless lives across the globe.

Picture Credits: Propsearch.ae

The Good Place Is A Celebration Of Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

Planted at the Opportunity District, The Good Place highlights some of the projects that were chosen under Expo Live’s Innovation Impact Grant Programme. Legit the first of its kind at a World Expo. It exhibits innovation that can come from anywhere and be made available to everyone. At the Good Place pavilion, visitors will learn about this one girl who developed a box that can keep vaccines safe and viable under extreme weather conditions. There’s also this mobile app through which one can sponsor children’s education in Bangladesh and stay updated about their progress. Is this not something that is totally out of the box?

The Good Place is doubtlessly a celebration of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help others in need.

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Picture Credits: Khaleej Times

Headlines Of The Hands Behind The Making Of This Pavilion

The Good Place is shaped like a tent. At the core of its architecture is the narration of how the UAE’s Founding Fathers sat together under a tent in the middle of the desert and built a country that will serve its people and the world. This was how Ahmad Bukhash, the Emirati architect behind the project described the pavilion, as published by Khaleej Times.

Additionally, the place was constructed in a way that despite the weather conditions, one shall find comfort at the pavilion. It highlights a number of engaging services that guide people to offer the world’s goodwill ahead.

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You Cannot Afford To Miss The Smile Wall

It takes your picture as you smile and each image donates to a charitable cause.

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Picture Credits: Khaleej Times


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