Expo 2020 Will Boast The World’s Largest Vertical Farm

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Expo 2020 Will Boast The World’s Largest Vertical Farm

Expo 2020, Dubai’s most awaited event is fast approaching and preparations are in full swing. While we’ve already updated you about the venue and the ticket price, we now have a new update. Expo 2020 will feature the world’s biggest vertical farm. It is from this farm that more than 200 food and beverage outlets will get their produce during the event next year. Expo 2020 will start on October 20, 2020 and will run until April 10, 2021.

What’s It?

The world’s largest vertical farm will now be part of Dubai’s Expo 2020. In association with Emirates Flight Catering, the 130,000 sq ft farm, will provide 2,700 kilos of pesticide-free greens. Now, that can comfortably feed over 50 million people, who visit the grand event. Furthermore, the farm, currently under construction, uses 99% less water than other outdoor farms.

In addition, Emirates Flight Catering will also set up multiple food and beverage kiosks across the three Thematic Districts’ at Expo 2020. As for the food options, foodies can expect a huge spread. Fine dining restaurants with changing menus and a star chef, Grains & Greens- a restaurant serving healthy salads, and bowls are some of the options we hear of. There’s also a Deli2go, in case you want to grab a bite on the go. Lastly, you can end your meal on a sweet note with La Patisserie’s exclusive desserts.

Credits: caterermiddleeast.com

Gillian Hamburger, senior vice president of programming at Expo 2020 Dubai said: “With 50 million meals expected to be served during Expo 2020, both quality and sustainability are crucial to our aim of creating an exceptional – and delicious – World Expo, while also contributing to a more sustainable future for us all. Our ‘farm to fork’ concept not only secures our own supply chain of locally-sourced, fresh vegetables, but it significantly reduces our environmental footprint as well.”

What Else?

192 countries have confirmed participation for Expo 2020. As for the tickets, a one-day pass will cost you AED 120 while a three-day pass is priced at AED 260. There’s also 50% off for students and kids aged 6-17 years. Entry is free for senior citizens and for kids aged under five.