Facing Mobility Issues After Accident, Chef Invents Device To Help Chefs Like Him Work Freely In Kitchens

Chef Peter Lammer who faced mobility challenges after a horrific motorcycling accident, invented an ingenious device to help chefs like him work freely in kitchens.

by Sanjana Shenoy
Facing Mobility Issues After Accident, Chef Invents Device To Help Chefs Like Him Work Freely In Kitchens

Chef Peter Lammer loves two things — cooking and motorcycling. However, a life-threatening motorcycling accident left him with serious injuries, limiting his movement. With a never-say-die attitude, Chef Peter Lammer not only paved the road to recovery but used his accident as an inspiration to create a ground-breaking device that makes kitchens inclusive for chefs like him who face mobility issues.

Chef Peter Lammer Invents Device To Help Chefs Facing Mobility Issues Move Freely In Kitchens

Chef Peter Lammer invented ‘Standing Ovation’, a device that empowers chefs combating mobility challenges. More often than not, chefs facing mobility issues end up quitting kitchens due to the inability to walk around stations, stand for a long time and manage their high-intense jobs.

The motorcycling accident faced by Chef Peter Lammer restricted 80 per cent of mobility in his body. The determined chef took it upon himself to create a solution for himself and chefs like him across the world who have similar physical limitations.  His device, ‘Standing Ovation’ has a rail system called the C-bar seat lifting unit. This device has a versatile 3-way structure that facilitates free-standing. It has a C-shaped seat bar that is attached to a lifting unit.

This allows three-dimensional movement. With hands free for work, the device transfers the user’s torso weight to the device. So, this innovative device takes on additional weight and reduces stress on the legs. Moreover, the spring-loaded rotation unit enables the user to move around freely without depending on anyone. As it’s attached to the ceiling on one end, it ensures the safety of the user and also enables the person to easily navigate cables, hoses and floor installations, eliminating the risk of falling.

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‘Standing Ovation’ Helps Make Kitchens More Inclusive

The best part is that this device can be personalised to fit individual needs. It’s a great solution for chefs facing mobility issues. Chef Peter Lammer has given a gift to the culinary community by offering a worthy solution for chefs facing mobility issues. It’s a step forward towards making kitchens a more inclusive space.

Thanks to “Standing Ovation”, Chef Peter Lammer said that he can now comfortably work for 40-50 hours a week. And the ability to get back to what he loves to do, despite losing significant mobility, makes him very happy and empowered. The Chef is able to provide for his family thanks to his ingenious invention. Most importantly, Peter Lammer has not just brought light into his own life but also those of other chefs who have been craving to get back to kitchens but having their mobility challenges standing in the way of their dreams.

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“Standing Ovation” invented by a Chef who is himself battling physical issues is just the ray of light for those like him. And that’s the reason why this device is a landmark invention in the culinary industry across the globe.

Well, what do you think about this new device that aims to make restaurant kitchen a more inclusive place for chefs?

Cover Image Courtesy: Standing Ovation/ Website

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