Famous Tea Outlet In Delhi Ignores A Differently-Abled Customer, Internet Reacts

by Sushmita Mahanta
Famous Tea Outlet In Delhi Ignores A Differently-Abled Customer, Internet Reacts

A famous tea outlet in Delhi has landed in a major controversy after its staff ignored a differently abled customer for almost half an hour. On August 9, 2022, a Twitter username MithileshYadav took to his handle to tweet about the horrible behavior he faced at Chaayos in Connaught Place, Delhi. The tweet had garnered quite an attention on Twitter and people are showing their displeasure at the unacceptable behavior of the tea outlet in Delhi. The perception of treating differently-abled people as ill, and ignoring them is absolutely shameful. There are around 70-80 million differently-abled people in India and even after that, Mithilesh Yadav going through unacceptable behavior at the tea outlet in Delhi just shows the degradation of humanity!

The Tea Outlet Chaayos Ignored The Differently-Abled Man For Half An Hour

On Tuesday, Mithilesh Yadav visited Chaayos, the famous tea outlet in Delhi, and after being ignored for half an hour the customer took to Twitter to narrate the incident. Sitting inside Chaayos, Mithilesh tweeted, At @Chaayos CP right now. People working here are ignoring me since I am here. At least for half an hour now. This is totally because I am Blind because one of them just said “galti se aa gaye honge”. Do look into this @Chaayos . This is in Connaught Place Delhi.” Soon his tweet garnered attention and the internet was appalled by the unacceptable behaviour of the tea outlet in Delhi.
“So sorry for your unpleasant experience at @Chaayos CP Mithilesh. Hope the senior leadership will look into this issue asap and provide the staff necessary training in this regard,” one user wrote. Another one commented, “Went to their CP branch once… never been there again.”

Apology By The Tea Outlet In Delhi

After the tweet by Mithilesh garnered attention and people started slamming the famous tea outlet in Delhi, an apology was sent to Mayuresh over Twitter by Chaayos.
“We apologise for your unpleasant experience and the staff’s behaviour. We’re already looking into it. Please share your contact details in a private chat so that we can get in touch with you personally. We’ll definitely make sure that such behavior isn’t repeated,” the restaurant’s Twitter handle replied to Mithilesh’s tweet. Well, we hope the tea outlet and its staff never repeat this awful behavior again in the future!

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