Fight On A Flight! Two Men Got Into An Argument And Physical Fight On Bangkok-India Bound Flight

by Shreya Rathod
Fight On A Flight! Two Men Got Into An Argument And Physical Fight On Bangkok-India Bound Flight

Social media never keeps anything hidden, irrespective of what it is. Something like that happened on this flight with two gentlemen on their way to India. Both of them were on a Bangkok-India flight, and out of nowhere, a fight broke out between them. This video started circulating on social media, especially Instagram. Here is what the video shows happened and how the spectators reacted to it.

Fight On Bangkok-India Flight


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An Instagram user, @drunk.journalist, posted a video of two people arguing over something, with an air hostess trying to communicate something with both of them. However, the argument escalated, and the gentlemen got into a physical fight. One of them was thrashing the others joining him. The air hostess tried to prevent them from fighting to no avail. They ignored her and continued to fight by throwing punches at each other. The flight attendant had to make an announcement for them to stop squabling. While this happened, the rest of the passengers were enjoying the drama playing in front of them. This incident took place on the Thai Smile airway flight.

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Netizen’s Reactions

Bangkok-India Flight
Credits: Flickr

Well, sarcastic remarks from Netizens are flooding the comment box. Some are even ashamed of the behaviour that those men have shown. People’s opinion is that this is why the Indian passport is looked down upon. This kind of behaviour shows where you come from.

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Anyways, tell us what you think about this behaviour. Arguing is one thing, but fighting in the middle of the aeroplane aisle doesn’t give decent vibes.

Cover Image Courtesy: Flickr & @drunk.journalist/Instagram