Viral Video: Mumbai Local Women Passengers Start Fighting Over A Seat

by Shreya Ghosh
Viral Video: Mumbai Local Women Passengers Start Fighting Over A Seat

Travelling daily on local trains is a massive struggle. And when it is the famous Mumbai local, the list of struggles and troubles is endless. Quarreling and arguing about entering and getting out of the train is quite common and happens all the time. But this time things took an aggressive turn as some women started fighting inside a train just for a seat. Now that’s something very surprising and of course a must-watch for every passenger in that compartment.

Fight Erupts Between Women Passengers In Mumbai Local Over A Seat

Very recently a fight erupted among the passengers in the ladies’ compartment of a Thane-Panvel Mumbai local train. According to several reports, the three women passengers started arguing for a seat near the Turbhe station. Fighting like that just for a seat is indeed a crazy brawl. Soon the arguments rapidly escalated into an ugly fight. A Twitter user Siraj Noorani (@sirajnoorani) recorded the fight and shared it on Twitter.

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Here’s the video of the women fighting inside the Mumbai local train.

The Video Of The Passengers Involving In This Ugly Fight Went Viral

Video of this incident inside the ongoing Mumbai local train went viral on various social media platforms. It can be clearly seen how aggressively these women are fighting, pulling each other’s hair, shouting, and whatnot. The situation became quite out of hand and a policewoman had to intervene. The policewoman constable tried to get inside and put an end to this ugly fight but unfortunately, she got injured.

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A police official shared the details of exactly what happened inside the Mumbai local train and the reason behind this nasty clash. The police official said that the argument started with three women passengers; an old woman and her granddaughter entered the train from Thane station and another passenger boarded the train in Koparkhairane. Everyone had their eyes on one seat and when it got empty. The old woman asked her granddaughter to grab and sit on that seat. Well, the woman from Koparkhairane also wanted to sit there. And everyone’s wishes to take that seat led to quarreling at first, followed by this huge fight.

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Siraj Noorani @sirajnoorani