Fine-Dining Etiquettes You Should Follow At Restaurants

by Sanmita A
Fine-Dining Etiquettes You Should Follow At Restaurants

We all love to go out during weekends to a nice and cosy restaurant or chill at a fancy dining place during a vacation. It is basically the time when we relax, eat and unwind ourselves within the eating place. Well, while eating and having a good time at restaurants, it is also mandatory and of utmost importance, that we maintain a few etiquettes, and remain respectful to the ones who serve us.

Here are five things you must know while dining at restaurants and avoid annoying the restaurant staff as well as people sitting with you while visiting the place.

1. Please Try Not To Snap Your Fingers While Calling The Staff

It is said in the hospitality industry, that the snapping of fingers to call the servers or waiters is an offensive gesture. So what can you do? Simply wave your hand or make eye contact with the servers or waiters at the restaurant and wait for them to come up to you. You must treat the restaurant staff and waiters with the utmost respect. Also, do not touch them or tap them in order to draw their attention.

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2. Do Not Start Eating At Once

Wait for the food to be served to every other person at the table. Do not rush into eating the food if it comes first on your platter. Also, if you feel something is not edible, make sure you bring it to the staff’s attention, without creating a fuss.

3. Say No To Drinks Politely

If you are trying to avoid drinking during the meals, it is best you say no to the others by simply holding the stem of your wine glass or the glass. Try not to draw much attention to the fact that you’re avoiding drinking.


4. Do Not Jump To Grab A Table

Wait for the staff to clear the table before you go ahead and take your seats at the restaurant. Also, wait for them to assign you to the respective tables. It is best you also don’t compare the food and service of another restaurant while you are at a particular place.

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5. Decide Who’d Pay The Bill In Advance

Try to speak to the restaurant staff in advance if you’re paying the bill. So, they approach you with the billing in the first place. Also, to make things easier for the restaurant staff, decide on the splitting of bills in advance among yourselves.


Lastly, it is a kind gesture to leave a nice tip for the services and waiting the staff does for you, especially when it is a big group they are attending to. Pay them for the service they offer you!

After, the Covid-19 pandemic, dining and takeaway culture has modified from what it was in 2019. So, if you’re booking or making reservations at a restaurant, make sure you turn up or at least have the courtesy to inform us if you are cancelling!

Have we missed any etiquette which is an absolute must? Let us know in the comments!

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