Finish A Massive 4kg Thali In This Pune Restaurant & Win A Royal Enfield Bike

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1700

Thalis are truly larger than life. Laden with over 10 different types of savoury and sweet dishes, it’s not just a meal but an entire event to finish a thali. Well, if you want great motivation to not just finish your thali but even go back home in your own vehicle, instead of a cab or auto, then one Pune restaurant has just answered your wishes. Shivraj Hotel in Pune has come up with a unique ‘Win a Bullet bike’ contest. If you can finish off a massive non-veg Bullet Thali in just 60 minutes, you can actually win a Royal Enfield Bike all for yourself. So, are you in it to win it?

Eat A 4kg Non-Veg Thali In 60 Minutes & Win A Royal Enfield Bullet

Restaurants across India are coming up with unique offers and discounts to attract customers amid the coronavirus pandemic. One such restaurant in Pune, Shivraj Hotel has introduced ‘Win a Bullet bike’ contest. So, customers can actually get a Royal Enfield Bullet worth ₹1.65 lakh by just finishing the restaurant’s thali. But it’s not just any ordinary thali. This thali is the humongous non-veg Bullet Thali, weighing 4kg.

Picture Credits: India Today

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Atul Waikar, owner of Shivraj Hotel stayed to India Today TV that he got this idea of introducing a contest to attract more customers to his restaurant. Firstly, Atul placed 5 brand new Royal Enfield Bullets in the verandah of his eatery. Then he ensured that the restaurant’s banners and menucards illustrated the instruction for the Bullet Thali contest. Foodies must finish the Bullet Thali, a non-veg platter of 12 different varieties of dishes in just 60 minutes. It takes 55 cooks to prepare this thali which has dishes like Pomfret Fried Fish, Chicken Masala, Prawn Biryani and Dry Mutton to name a few. The massive thali costs ₹2500.

Picture Credits: Royal Enfield

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This ₹2500 Bullet Thali Has 12 Dishes Prepared From Chicken, Mutton, Fish & Prawns

According to India Today,  Shivrah Hotel situated in Wadgaon Maval area on the outskirts of Pune opened its doors to hungry customers 8 years ago. since then, this restaurant is known for its massive thalis and larger than life contests. Earlier, customers who finished their 8kg Ravan Thali in 60 minutes received a cash price of ₹5000. But this contest is probably the most attractive yet since customers can actually win a Royal Enfield Bullet! So far, Somnath Pawar a resident of Solapur managed to finish the Bullet Thali on time and became the first customer to win a Bullet.

Picture Credits: India Today

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Just like Somnath, you too can actually win a Bullet. All you have to do is visit this restaurant, keep your appetite intact and gobble off the Bullet Thali in 60 minutes. With social distancing protocols followed and over 65 varieties of thalis served, there’s something for everyone. So, satisfy your cravings and win the bike of your dreams. You just have to EAT! When it comes to amazing thalis in India, watch this video to know everything about the Baahubali Thali. 

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