Finland Is Offering People Free Vacations This Summer

by Angel Srivastava 2232

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‘Visit Finland’ (Finland’s official travel website) is launching the ‘Rent a Finn’ program where anyone can win a free vacation to the country this summer.

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What’s it?

Finland is one of the most beautiful European countries with over 197 lakes within its territories. It is beautiful, warm, charming, and is named the world’s happiest country in 2019, for the second consecutive year and here is your chance to win a free vacation to the country and learn all about it from the best.

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In order to attract more tourists to the country. ‘Visit Finland’ is launching the ‘Rent a Finn’ program where a few randomly selected people will be given a free vacation in the country this summer.

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What’s in it?

Under the ‘Rent a Finn’ program, each winner will be staying with one out of the eight locals who have volunteered to be the ‘Happiness Guides’ for the program. The ‘Happiness Guides will be responsible for helping you experience the true Finish culture.

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All you need to apply is, create a 3-minute video describing the most important thing about yourself, your relationship with nature, and what you hope to achieve during your trip to Finland. You also need to fill a form on the ‘Visit Finland’ website.

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What else?

Eight native Finns have volunteered to be a part of the program to help the winners get by in Finland, and experience the best of everything the country has to offer.

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You can head over to the ‘Visit Finland’ website and learn all you need to know about these eight ‘Happiness guides and the area they will be looking after.

So, sign up today, and let lady luck play her part.