Fire On A Train In South Pakistan; 6 Killed, 1 Injured

by Shreya Rathod
Fire On A Train In South Pakistan; 6 Killed, 1 Injured

The train was invented to reduce the time taken to travel. However, it is prone to accidents — mostly due to derailing. A tragic incident took place in Pakistan where the train caught fire! In the southern part of the country, a moving passenger train caught fire overnight, killing passengers. Here’s what happened on this Pakistan train.

Pakistan Train Fire Accident

pakistan train fire
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According to the railway official Mohsin Sial, the train caught fire in Khairpur. It is a district that lies 500 kilometres north of Karachi in Sindh Province. He further stated that six people were killed in the fire. However, a woman jumped out of the moving train. The source of the fire, which also severely destroyed several other railway cars, was yet unknown. According to local media, the flames engulfed numerous cars as they raged through the train on Wednesday night.

This incident wasn’t the first one and a similar one took place in 2019. In the eastern Punjab province, a cooking gas stove explosion set off a train fire, which resulted in at least 74 fatalities and several injuries among the passengers.

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Another tragic incident took place with the Hazara Express train that was travelling from Karachi to Peshawar. The train’s driver had to halt at the Bholari station when one of the bogies started to malfunction. The train’s passengers promptly reported the problem, and additional investigation revealed that had the damaged bogie continued to move, the train may have been completely separated from the remainder of the train.

Economic Condition Of The Country

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Despite laws forbidding it, underprivileged passengers in Pakistan frequently bring their own little gas stoves aboard trains to prepare their meals. In crowded trains, safety laws are frequently disregarded. Inadequate rail infrastructure and carelessness on the part of authorities frequently cause train accidents in Pakistan.

Pakistan is going through an economic crisis. And the prices of gas, petrol and other commodities have risen. The chief executive officer of Habib Bank, the biggest bank in Pakistan, makes a public statement about the state of the economy for the first time in January 2023.

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This train accident was a dreadful one.

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