Catch The Fireflies Festival In Purushwadi This May

by Ashna Pamnani
Catch The Fireflies Festival In Purushwadi This May

You would not believe your eyes..if ten million fireflies..lit up the world as I fell asleep”

Not an Owl City concert but we bring to you the real life experience of this song. Read on to find out more.

Under 140 Characters

Take a weekend off from Netflix and grab a chance to live a fairytale this May. Give a break to music festivals because Purushwadi is officially giving us the opportunity to witness the Fireflies Festival in May.

What Is It?

Purushwadi is a home to millions of fireflies and these magical creatures are all set to light up our summer nights during their mating season. Locals of Purushwadi village organize this festival every year in which one can enjoy different activities like bonfire, traditional food and many other local village experiences.

Also, you get to experience the display of fireflies in the dark night sky. An organisation called GrassRoutes takes care of the village’s tourism and this festival is part of their initiative.

 Why To Visit?

Remember our childhood when we would get thrilled by the sight of fireflies? Here’s a chance to relive those memories again. And if you haven’t witnessed this marvellous spectacle in your childhood, make new memories now.

How To Get There?

The nearest railway stations are Igatpuri (85 kms away) and Kasara (95 kms away) from where you can hop onto a bus or drive yourself there. It falls under the Akole block of Ahmednagar district located about 200 kms from Mumbai.

Don’t Forget To Carry

Sunscreen, toiletries and a rain coat. Purushwadi can experience rains in May.


When: May 2017
Where:  Purushwadi Village, Akole Taluka, Ahmednagar  District

So are you up for this magical experience?

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