Fireworks, Concerts & Glam To Be Present At The Palm For A Royal Opening Night

by Deeplata Garde
Fireworks, Concerts & Glam To Be Present At The Palm For A Royal Opening Night

Did you hear any mic checks on the 19th evening? Guess what, it was Beyonce rehearsing for a $24 million gig this weekend in Dubai. It’s not just Beyonce who’s spreading the glam on the Palm, Dubai this weekend. Apart from the stage, the Dubai skies would also be lit with fireworks. Are you curious about what in the shindig is this all about? It’s the launch night of Atlantis The Royal!

Are You Coming To The Royal Night?

Atlantis The Royal, one of Dubai’s new hotels, will welcome VIPs to the establishment this weekend with a firework display and a performance by Beyoncé. Although the event is private, spectators will be able to witness the fireworks above Palm Jumeirah, notably where views of the Arabian Sea can be viewed. Expect the skyline to light up at around 9:45 o’clock. Getting going around early if you want to get a good spot to watch the fireworks, which we anticipate will be spectacular.

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Groove On The Tunes All Night At Palm

The international superstar was heard conducting a mic check at Atlantis The Royal, in which she will perform on Saturday night during the opulent opening party.

The musician will sing for the first time in four years during the event. The event will be observed by VIPs, invitees, and a few members of the media.

The expected performers for the private party are Beyoncé, Jay Z, Nobu the chef, Kendall Jenner, and the Swedish House Mafia.

Beyoncé will play a complete live performance for the inaugural time in five years at the hotel’s massive “Grand Reveal,”.

The special weekend is held before the resort welcomes visitors and will feature a handpicked schedule of activities.

So if you couldn’t make it to the guest of this launch party, you can enjoy the night by being within earshot of the Palm.

Cover Image Courtesy: Facebook/Atlantis